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I'm Moein Nikzad

An experienced User Researcher with 7 years of dedicated practice in the field, helping companies gain valuable Market/User insights through diverse methods like interviews, focus groups, and surveys. My responsibilities include analyzing data, providing insights, and presenting findings effectively to stakeholders. My expertise in consumer research extends to various aspects of the field.

July 2023 - Present

User Experience


As a UX researcher at VR division Company, I conducted user research studies to inform the design of digital products. I also do Heuristic Evaluation for 5 websites and also analyze competitors activities. Beside all of those Usability testing project is running continuously.

MSc in User Experience Design

2022 - 2023

MSc in Sociology

2012 - 2014

BSc in Electrical Engineering

2004 - 2010

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

User Research

Usability Testing

Story Telling

Product Thinking


Explorative Research

Divergent, Observative, Always recommended

Generative Research

Go deep to the user needs and challenges, slow but strong, not always recommended

Evaluative Research

Refinement, development and always insightful, mostly recommended

  • Every company / Brand / Service need to know the needs of their customers in order to improve or create their products and services.

  • But others need exploratory research to know their target customers correctly. I recommend to do explorative research first (Interview, Diary and field studies), and after the main target customers are identified, design the product around the user preferences with various usability methods and then improve it in a gradual process to be ready for the market.

  • In order to maintain the stability and integrity of the brand, it is strongly recommended that #evaluative methods (mainly usability testing) be implemented at least at the end of each new product cycle.

  • Also, with the passage of time and the change of customer behavior as well as the change of the market, receiving continuous feedback guarantees the return of the customer and the reputation of the brand.

  • I, along with a team of my research colleagues who are active in the field of  User Experience, can provide all the mentioned steps in the form of a proposal, and if you approve and send the required information, we can provide the insight you need in the shortest possible time.

  • It is necessary to mention, depending on the subject, it takes between two weeks and three months for the result to be ready.

I'm a curious and empathetic. Love to learn new things and understand people's perspectives.
Let's chat and see how we can work together to create amazing experience for your target customers.

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