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About Me

My full name is Amir Moein Nikzad Larijani, quite a long name

As a UX researcher, I'm passionate about understanding user needs and designing products that meet those needs. I have experience conducting user research, performing usability tests, and helping companies overcome their obstacles.

At heart, I'm a problem solver. I love to tackle complex challenges and find creative solutions. Whether it's designing a new interface or improving an existing one, I'm always looking for ways to make things better.

I am a narrator. A storyteller, I've always been.
Over the past two decades, I have tried to make difficult decisions following my passion, and now I realize that my life path is full of exciting stories and full of people I can proudly call them friends.

Now I'm living in Kyrenia, Cyprus.
I have started an adventurous journey with my dear wife, embracing new horizons and experiences.

And Yes!
I took this photo with my own hands and not with a fancy mobile phone! Isn't it wonderful !?

My Skills

Hard Skills

Since 2005


Different type of Research

Making valuable report to stakeholders

  • learned research methodology in doing social science master program thesis and apply it since 2012 as my profession.

  • Learned using qualitative methods such as observation, interview, content analysis, secondary studies

  • Also quantitative methods to discover correlation relationship and causal relationship and also probability and non-probability sampling.

Since 2012


Analyzing raw data 

quantitative data

qualitative data

  • Data classification

  • Converting data into qualitative and quantitative charts

  • Extracting insights from categorized data

  • Making report out of insights align with stakeholders goals


Excellent at
  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Word

Excellent at
  • Jira / ClickUP

  • Figma

  • SPSS

Familiar with
  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

Soft Skills


Team Work


Help Others to Grow

Compassion towards coworkers

Public Speaking



Senior Market Researcher

& Analyst

Collecting market data and designing more than 20 market research reports.
Analyzing data collected from more than 30,000 customers using Excel.
Implementation and supervision of 5 qualitative projects, including in-depth interviews with consumers and customers, qualitative analysis of store images, and evaluation of advertising effectiveness.


Freelance Market Researcher & Consultant

Conducting more than 10 focus group with various type of Users and clients (consumers, plumbers and electrician) for a low budget customer to design a successful business plan for a home service app.
Conducting more than 100 in-depth interview sessions with entrepreneurs, middle managers, project managers and employees of Steel industry in order to improve the work environment and increase the productivity of human resources.


Marketing Executive

Conducting 9 provincial surveys with a sample population of 1,070 people in the water and sewage and electricity industry in order to improve service delivery and increase the productivity of human resources.


Market Researcher and Analyst

Conducting more than five surveys with a statistical sample size of 5 thousand people with consumers of food products, purchase decision makers and final consumers.
Supervision and participation in conduction of the survey, data implementation, data analysis and presenting the final report to the employer and stakeholders.

My latest projects

Life of a Party

Personality Type (MBTI)

My magic comes out when I connect with people, which is why I have the honor of meeting so many people that I am proud to call them my friends! cheers to meet new people, new worlds




Campaigners (ENFPs) are true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. With their lively, upbeat approach to life, they stand out in any crowd. But even though they can be the life of the party, Campaigners don’t just care about having a good time. These personality types run deep – as does their longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.

Campaigners are independent and creative, always on the lookout for the magic and meaning in everyday life.

They are capable of intense thought and feeling – and also of kicking back and having a good time.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook | +98 912 548 3126  | +90 542 879 82 59

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